【ついに決着か】格闘技の最強は1つだけではない!誰もが抱えた疑問を合理的考察 [Finally settled] The best martial arts is not just one! Rational consideration of everyone's questions
空手の帯の色が持つ意味【結び方の説明&おすすめ購入先も】The meaning of the color of the karate belt [How to tie and recommended suppliers]
空手の流派を徹底分析|おすすめの流派はこれだ! Thorough analysis of karate school | Recommended school is this!
空手の組手で世界大会優勝に導いた稽古のコツ|流派ごとのルールも解説 Practice Tips for Leading the World Tournament with Karate Kumite | Explains the rules of each school